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Mineral makeup has grown increasingly popular, and with very good reason.Not only is mineral foundation a natural alternative to oily, messy foundations, but it can be built up gradually to give fantastic coverage.It’s so quick and easy to apply – taking only a fraction of the time needed with traditional foundations.Though it has great staying power, it also washes off quite easily, unlike some poreclogging lotions and potions.Mineral cosmetics, almost universally, contain micronized titanium dioxide – a common component of sun block.This ingredient protects the skin from the sun’s damaging rays, offering protection from both UVA and UVB RAYS.  

Mineral Makeup

Those with sensitive skin may find mineral based makeup the answer to all their problems.  These foundations contain only the bare necessities to keep your skin looking great.  They aren’t jam packed with perfume or dyes which might irritate the skin.  Nor do they contain talc and other fillers which might block pores.  This makes them ideal for those with oily skin and those with acne prone skin.  With minerals you can get great, natural coverage to disguise any blemishes without provoking a breakout.  Top end lines include hypoallergenic, oil free and organic ranges which could be especially benenficial to those with problem skin. 

Unlike regular foundation, mineral makeup can be built up to provide full coverage, or left very natural and sheer.  It doesn’t take a lot of powder to get great coverage.  A little goes a long way making minerals a longlasting and affordable option.  When applying mineral foundation, a kabuki brush is ideal.  After applying cover up (if needed) you should start to apply your mineral foundation from your nose, working from the centre of your face to your hair and jaw lines, working in small, quick, light circles.  Be careful not to overload your brush – dust and tap a few times into the lid.  You can always build up more colour afterwards if the coverage isn’t quite sufficient.  A little does go a surprisingly long way.  Alternatively, you can try applying your mineral cosmetics with a damp sponge for a more opaque effect.  By using this method of application you can attain a consistency similar to liquid foundation, less all of the harsh chemicals.  Applying in this way gives you greater lasting power and coverage, without sacrificing the beautiful, healthy, natural glow you get from minerals.  It really is like soft lighting in a tub.  Try it.  You’ll be amazed.   

Mineral Foundation

Foundation isn’t intended to act as a mask.  Rather, to compliment the skin and show it off to it’s best advantage.  Whether you’re looking for a light foundation to keep you shine free in the summer, or greater coverage, minerals are perfect for both younger and more mature skins alike; perfect and problem; dark and light.. 

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